A Comprehensive Guide to Selecting the Right Lumens for Outdoor LED Wall Pack Lights


Outdoor LED wall pack lights stand out as an exceptional choice for brightening building exteriors, pathways, and parking zones, ensuring both security and visibility after sunset. However, the task of selecting the optimal brightness level, quantified in lumens, often seems daunting. This article aims to demystify the factors that determine the appropriate lumens for wall pack lighting, guiding you to a well-informed selection.

Understanding the Role of Lumens

At the heart of choosing your wall pack lights is the concept of lumens. Lumens measure the total visible light emitted by a source, serving as an indicator of brightness. For outdoor wall packs, selecting the correct lumens is critical for achieving the desired illumination in exterior environments.

Key Factors Influencing Lumens Choice

1. Location and Intended Use

The lumens requirement is significantly affected by where and why the wall pack is used. Is the light meant for a compact walkway or a sprawling parking area? The function and size of the space dictate the necessary lumens, with commercial or industrial settings often demanding higher brightness than residential zones.

2. Installation Height

The mounting height plays a crucial role; higher placements require more lumens to effectively light a larger area.

3. Light Distribution Patterns

The beam angle and distribution pattern are vital, affecting how light is spread across an area. Selecting a suitable pattern ensures uniform lighting.

4. Environmental Factors

Outdoor conditions such as weather and dust levels might necessitate increased lumens to maintain clear visibility.

5. Compliance with Local Guidelines

Adherence to local outdoor lighting regulations can influence lumens choice, especially concerning light pollution and energy conservation.

How to Calculate Lumens for Different Settings

Residential Pathways: A lumens range of 1000-2000 is typically sufficient, ensuring safety and visibility.

Commercial Entrances: Aim for 4000-6000 lumens to brightly light commercial building entrances.

Parking Lots: Parking areas generally need 10000-15000 lumens or more, based on size, for optimal security and illumination.

Industrial Settings: For industrial facilities, consider high-output wall packs with 20000+ lumens to meet larger area and security requirements.


Selecting the ideal lumens for your outdoor LED wall pack lights is essential for maximizing safety and visibility. By considering factors such as the installation's location, height, light distribution, environmental conditions, and local regulations, you can tailor your outdoor lighting to meet your specific needs effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it advisable to use higher lumen wall packs in residential areas?

While possible, doing so might lead to unnecessary brightness and increased energy usage. It's preferable to adhere to the lumens recommended for your area.

How do LED wall packs compare to traditional lights in terms of energy efficiency?

LED wall packs are markedly more energy-efficient and boast a longer lifespan, offering long-term cost savings.

Can I install LED wall packs on my own, or should I hire a professional?

Although some individuals might feel comfortable with DIY installation, it's generally recommended to engage a professional electrician for safety and correctness.

Are there dimmable options for LED wall packs?

Yes, many LED wall packs feature dimming capabilities, allowing for adjustable brightness levels.

Do any incentives exist for upgrading to LED outdoor lighting?

Certain regions provide rebates or incentives for adopting energy-efficient LED lighting. It's worthwhile to check with your local authorities or utility providers for potential benefits.