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Ruilon TP20D LED Surge Protector LED Surge Protector

The LED Surge Protector provides an additional level of security against power surges from power-line disturbances. It's perfect for the surge protection of commercial lighting power sources such as street, security, and landscape lighting. Has a fully sealed, IP65 enclosure that's fire, water, and dust proof. It features full mode protection UVT technology, has leakage and follow current interruption functions, and fault indication function. The product is small and comes with L, N and PE cables for easy installation and application. The product's maximum protection lightning current is 20kA, which can withstand 20kV surge voltage shock.

Includes fault indication light on product.

A perfect fixture for...

  • Outdoor lighting
  • Commercial lighting
  • Street & roadway lighting
  • Parking garage/lot lighting
  • Digital signage lighting

Warranty & Certifications

5 Year Warranty mark
Underwriters Laboratories UL Listed Mark

Bulb Daddy Price: $23.75
50W 5000K E26 Screw Base Post Top LED COB Bulb 50W 5000K Post Top LED Metal-Halide Replacement/Retrofit Bulb with Swappable E26 Screw Base

Bulb Daddy's 50W 5000K Post Top LED Metal-Halide Replacement/Retrofit Bulb with Swappable E26 Screw Base is perfect for commercial and industrial indoor or outdoor settings where bright, clean light is needed such as high bays, low bays, bollards, and many more! And with 125 lumens per watt and a total lumen output of 6,250 lumens, any area will be filled with a clean, daylight bright 5000K light. Plus, the E26 screw base can be swapped between the wide bottom or the narrow top allowing users to select between upwards and downwards illumination. The E26 screw base also ensures this COB lamp will work in just about any existing fixture, making your switch to LED simple and easy!

Please Note: Due to unstable power, the use of a surge protector with this product is advised. Failure to utilize a surge protector will void the product's warranty. Please click here to see Bulb Daddy's surge protectors.

Bulb Daddy Price: $74.85