Know Your Light.

Now, imagine what switching to LED can save you?

1. Money. Like, a lot.

The average monthly energy bill savings is over 50%! Just ask one of our energy savings specialists. We've got the energy bill comparison's to prove it! Bulb Daddy specialists also work with local energy providers to assist our customers with programs that help pay for the costs of making the switch.

2. Time

One LED bulb can last up to twenty years! Compare that to the average yearly life span of an incandescent bulb, or three year average of a flourescent bulb. That's 20x longer folks! This greatly reduces your need to frequently replace them.

3. Energy

Did you know? A single watt LED lamp is the equivilent to a 3 watt fluorescent lamp and a 15 watt incandescent lamp, so basically you are using 15x the energy using an outdated incandescent lamp. LED lamps are not only 80% more energy efficient, they last up to 50,000 hours. Compare that to the average life of an incandescent bulb at 1,000 hours! 95% of the energy in LED products convert into light rather than heat.

4. Environment

LED lamps are earth friendly, without radiation and mercury. Unlike the fluorescent and incandescent bulbs, LEDs contain no toxic chemicals making them safer for ourselves as well as our environment. Combine that with low carbon dioxide emissions and you've got yourself an earth loving product right there. Additionally, less energy usage means less demand for power plants, landfill waste and less green house emission. Fewer resources are needed to support the LED.

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