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72W LED PANEL LIGHT 2'X2'X1/2" 55K EDGE LIT 2 PACK Includes 2 - 72W LED Panel Light 2'X2' X 1/2" 55K Edge Lit

Our Price: $245.20
Sale Price: $95.00
Savings: $150.20
LED PANEL 2x2 SLIM 72W 4K UNV Includes 2 - 72W LED Panel 2'x2' Slim 4K UNV

Our Price: $272.72
BLOWOUT $95.00
Savings: $177.72
LED PANEL/2x2 SLIM 72W 45K UNV Includes 2 - 72W LED Panel 2'x2' Slim 45K UNV

Our Price: $272.72
BLOWOUT $95.00
Savings: $177.72
Includes 2 - LED Panel 2x2 Slim 72W 5K UNV

Our Price: $272.72
BLOWOUT $95.00
Savings: $177.72
30W LED HIGH BAY DECO GREEN 55K 30W LED High Bay Deco Green 55K

Our Price: $125.00
SALE $96.45
Savings: $28.55
60W LED HIGH BAY DECO BLUE 55K 60W LED High Bay Deco Blue 55K

Our Price: $133.52
BLOWOUT $98.75
Savings: $34.77
100W LED HIGH BAY 4K 100W LED High Bay 4K

Our Price: $355.11
BLOWOUT $157.80
Savings: $197.31
150W LED HIGH BAY E39 6K 150W LED High Bay E39 6K

Our Price: $340.91
BLOWOUT $167.00
Savings: $173.91

Lighting a Warehouse

When choosing to light up your workspace you’ll need to understand the scope of the job. While there are several warehouse lighting guides online available that could be useful to aid you in your endeavors, having a lighting professional with experience and knowledge available is essential.

Observe the Environment

Check out the warehouse itself. How high are the ceilings? How big is the open area? Are there office space that needs to be lit? Is there shelving? What’s the spacing between the shelving? How close is your shelving to the ceiling? General rule of thumb: the closer you shelving is to the ceiling the more lighting you will need. If your warehouse needs are that you need high shelving throughout to maintain your inventory then it is best to invest a little more in lighting that will adequately light those areas.

Understand your Employee Needs

How many employees do you have? Which areas are frequented the most? What types of labor goes on in which areas? For example, if you have robotics manufacturing product you may not need as much lighting in that area. You may want to install motion sensors or lighting controls for low traffic areas and focused lighting in areas that require detailed work such as label reading.

Natural Light Availability

Natural light is free light. Use windows, roof lights and skylights to your advantage during the daytime.

Go for Quality vs. Price

This is where “you get what you pay for” comes into play. Purchasing cheap warehouse lights will end up costing you more in the long run. When shopping for quality LED lighting fixtures you’ll want to consider not only the wattage but also the way that the light is delivered, such as the face of the fitting which could cause glare for employees searching for products on shelves.

Financing Warehouse Lighting

Fortunately, there are several energy retrofit savings programs available to financially assist businesses to adhere to warehouse lighting standards. We are proud to say that Bulb Daddy Lighting Experts are affiliated directly with NV Energy to assist with these programs and have affordable options available.

Making the switch to LED is a worthwhile investment both financially and professionally. Research has shown an energy savings of up to 80 percent with an average high of 65 percent. Not only do LED provide the most energy efficient solution possible with todays technology but it also provides your customers with an overall better experience.

What types of lights are used?

While metal halide’s were used for some time with warehouse lighting, LED high bays provide everything plus more. LED high bays offer dimming capability, which increases overall energy efficiency. T5 fluorescent tubes are also a great light source specifically for high shelving and aisles. When choosing the right LED luminaire it’s important to invest in a quality product to avoid issues like flicker and inaccurate lighting.

KLS distributor has some great, state of the art technology, LED lighting manufactured specifically for warehouses, factories and industrial spaces. The LEDHB6015 is a 180 watt LED high bay that offers exceptional coverage and ample light for any warehouse type space.

Why is proper lighting important for warehouses?

1) Safety and Visibility. Adequately lit warehouses, factories and industrial buildings will reduce accidents and provide employees with a safer work environment.

2) Lower Economic Costs. It no secret. LED lighting latest technology is the way of the future for energy efficiency. Several companies that have made the switch to LED have seen their energy usage cut in half.