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Energy Efficient Cities: Parking Lot & Street Lighting

As urbanization and population increase, city planners are busy reviewing ways to effectively create a sustainable way to support the growing infrastructure. Cities currently take up about two thirds of the worlds energy. Increasing energy efficiency and fostering a healthy living environment in densely populated areas has been at the forefront of environmental and social research.

LED lighting is contributing to aiding in these endeavors. Retrofit financial assistance programs has been a major part of aiding with this. NV Energy among others are implementing and wholeheartedly pushing these programs usefulness in order to create sustainable cities.

“… street-level lighting by municipalities accounts for 30 percent of all the energy used to generate electricity for outdoor lighting, while another 60 percent of outdoor lighting costs goes toward lighting parking lots and garages.” (Business Insider)

According to Business Insider <link> nearly ten percent of United States street lighting has already been switched to LED and are reaping the financial and environmental benefits. Los Angeles and New York City have both invested in switching 400,000 street lights and parking lot lights to LED and are expecting to save a combined $22 million dollars.

Simply by switching parking lot and street lights to LED can save a city millions annually.

Financing Lighting Up a Street or Parking Lot

Fortunately, there are several energy retrofit savings programs available to financially assist businesses to adhere to these standards. We are proud to say that Bulb Daddy Lighting Experts are affiliated directly with NV Energy to assist with these programs and have affordable options available.

Making the switch to LED is a worthwhile investment both financially and professionally. Research has shown an energy savings of up to 80 percent with an average high of 65 percent. Not only do LED provide the most energy efficient solution possible with todays technology but it also provides your customers with an overall better experience.

What types of lights are used?

KLS distributes several LED lights specifically designed to meet energy program standards and adequately light up a street or parking lot. The LEDPOLE8027 made of cast aluminum puts out 150 watts and is perfect for safely taking care of any roadway.

Why is proper lighting important for streets and parking lots?

Having a properly lit street or parking lot has several benefits.

1) Safety and Visibility. Adequately lit streets and parking lots where vehicles are will reduce accidents and provide drivers with a safer driving environment. Lower fatalities overall mean a safer city. A well-lit parking lot, especially at night, is a crime deterrent. This can quite literally be the reason a customer will choose to patron one business over another. Studies show that areas that supply security in ways of cameras and adequate lighting lower the potential for criminal activity.

2) Lower Economic Costs. It no secret. LED lighting latest technology is the way of the future for energy efficiency. Cities that have made the switch to LED have saved millions annually on energy usage.

3) Energy Sustainability. LED’s are environmentally friendly do not contain mercury, thus they are safer for the general public as well. LED offers energy conservation for growing populations and the ability to support a growing infrastructure.

4) Attractive Landscape. Residents love an attractive landscape, whether driving down their home street or taking a nice evening walk. Attractive cities also find more economic growth. Businesses are more likely to re-locate to a city that does have a future and has the ability to support a growing infrastructure.