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Gas Station Lighting Requirements & Standards

That’s right! Many may not be aware but there are a plethora of rules and regulations regarding lighting up a gas station. There are bound to be more as several states in the USA are implementing strategies to help increase energy efficiency. Energy Commissions are busy working on standards that will support a growing infrastructure as well as increase environmental awareness and energy efficiency.

Lighting requirements for gas stations, convenience store aprons and under freestanding canopies are established to ensure activities that take place in these areas are done safely. Unfortunately, the majority of these types of establishments are at substantially lower levels than IESNA (Illuminating Engineering Society of North America) recommends.

A few basic rules that gas stations should follow to ensure a safe user experience while also conserving energy are :

Best brightness level
Adequate lighting for safety and visibility
Conserving energy
Lowering maintenance

Financing Gas Station Lighting

Fortunately, there are several energy retrofit savings programs available to financially assist businesses to adhere to these standards. We are proud to say that Bulb Daddy Lighting Experts are affiliated directly with NV Energy to assist with these programs and have affordable options available.

Making the switch to LED is a worthwhile investment both financially and professionally. Research has shown an energy savings of up to 80 percent with an average high of 65 percent. Not only do LED provide the most energy efficient solution possible with todays technology but it also provides your customers with an overall better experience.

Specific lights used to illuminate a gas station

Canopy lights are primarily used to light up a gas station. Canopy light were designed specifically for areas like these with a lower profile, efficient and easy install. Pole lights have also been used, however this is an older generation lighting technique and most gas stations are quickly moving forward with the new canopy technology.

In comparison, the canopy light is primarily used on the underside of a “canopy”, or ceiling held by pillars which covers the entirety of the gas station pumps. Canopy LED lights distribute adequate lighting throughout the entire pumping area. This provides both visibility and safety for customers, most especially at night.

The LEDCAN7048 is an LED, 150 watt canopy, which has been perfectly crafted for gas stations by our distributor, KLS. It’s sleek, low profile design was designed specifically for canopy areas.

Why is proper lighting important for gas station businesses?

Having a properly lit gas station business has several benefits.

Safety and Visibility. With this naturally follows a more satisfied buying experience. A well lit gas station, especially at night, is a crime deterrent. This can quite literally be the reason a customer will choose to patron one business over another. Studies show that areas that supply security in ways of cameras and adequate lighting lower the potential for criminal activity.

Lower Overhead Costs. It no secret. LED lighting latest technology is the way of the future for energy efficiency. Businesses that have made the switch to LED have seen up to an eighty percent decrease in their monthly energy bill. LED’s are environmentally friendly do not contain mercury, thus they are safer for your clientele as well.

Advertises Professionalism. A well-lit gas station sells itself. Fuel signs, back lits, overhead canopy lighting as well as interior convenience store lights make a bid difference in the way customers perceive a business. Overall, better lighting equals to better viewing.